Acquire New Customers with Your Amazon Demographic Data

Turn your existing Amazon customer data into a powerful marketing tool for driving more traffic where you want.

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Know Your Customers

Turn your hidden Amazon Data into detailed customer demographics.

Precisely solves one of the biggest problems for Amazon Sellers - understanding who is buying their products. We take your data and turn it into actionable demographic insight for shoppers who have purchased from you before.

Customer Demographics

Comprehend who your customers are with demographics like gender, location, time of day and more.

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Improve Your Ad Targeting

Take your data and create more targeted ads to find others just shoppers just like your customers.

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Targeted Traffic

Find New Customers and Send Them Where You Want

Use your demographic data to get new customers just like your existing ones on Amazon. Then decide where you want to send that traffic - Amazon, Shopify or more.

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Changing the Game

"Precisely has give us so much insight into who was buying from us on Amazon. We're now using that information to target new customers just like those on Amazon for our website."

— Scott Mackey

About Us

How can having your customers' demographics help you?

We built Precisely to address a real issue we had as an Amazon seller - knowing who was buying our product and reaching them at the lowest cost. We don't do brick and mortar, and everything we sold was online. Amazon is a great platform to sell products but learning any information about your customers is nearly impossible. We wanted to learn how to scale our eCommerce business by finding our best customers.

And that's where the idea for Precisely came from. We take your Amazon sales data and turn it into actionable information for marketing. You can easily learn where your best customers are located, when they buy and what their gender is - with many more demographics coming soon.

How can having your customers' demographics help you? As a seller it was important to maximize our advertising dollars. Precisely helps reduce wasteful advertising spending, sheds light on who is buying your Amazon products and lets you decide how you want to use that information. Create bettered targeted advertising to bring your customers where you want and for what you want. We've used Precisely to drive traffic to our Amazon store, Shopify store and to build email lists at a lower cost - but the uses are almost unlimited.

Our founders are Amazon Sellers and eCommerce consultants, and have been able to test Precisely on numerous accounts. The results are incredible and our clients have loved knowing who their Amazon audience is. We've since used that data to create numerous advertising campaigns targeting their specific customer demographics.

So what are you waiting for? Learn who your customers today andstop wasting money. See Precisely now.

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